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Dental emergencies can happen at any time. You may chip a tooth, or you may just suffer a blinding toothache at any time during the night. Does that mean you have to suffer a toothache the entire night till you find a good dentist? No, you do not as emergency dentists coventry are available if you know where to find them. However, we do recommend you find the names and addresses of such emergency dentists beforehand. Do not wait till an emergency actually crops up to go searching for a dentist in the dead of the night. If you are located in Coventry, here is what you have to do.

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Finding a good emergency dentist coventry practice

Private dentists are more likely to help you with your problem. Most dentists do offer emergency services if they stay close to their clinics. We recommend you check with your personal dentist and inquire beforehand about emergency services. If emergency services are available, dentists will advertise this on their signboards and they will list it on the local Yellow Pages as well. Take down telephone numbers and addresses and keep them handy. If you did not manage to do this beforehand, we recommend you drop into your local hospital through the Emergency Wing. The Emergency Casualty Department of large hospitals will usually have physicians on rotational shifts. Even if a dentist is not available immediately, the hospital will call up the attending dentist and they will come in to help you out. Apart from large hospitals, you can also try dental teaching hospitals and nursing homes. These hospitals will always have emergency staff available. They might not be dentists but you will definitely find dental assistants or physician's assistants to help you with your problem.

Services and costs

It makes sense that you will have to pay more for emergency dental visits as the dentist will have to work extra. The exact type of treatment required will also vary. For example, for a severe toothache, most dentists may prescribe a strong painkiller and antibiotics or they may provide an anesthetic shot to make you comfortable. Active treatment is started only when the swelling decreases and the patient has very little pain. If you have an oral or maxillofacial fracture, you will require an oral and maxillofacial surgeon along with an ENT specialist to set the bones, wire your jaws together, etc. Before this can be done, several X-rays and measurements are required. As a result, you may be admitted to a hospital ward before any type of reduction and immobilization is required. as you can see, the treatment cost and time will also vary depending on your exact dental problem. However, barring serious trauma, most painful dental problems can be treatment in the emergency ward with simple painkillers and dental surgical procedures.

Opening and closing times for emergency dentists

You may have to call ahead to find the emergency dentist's time. Usually, most dentists work from 9am to about 7pm but emergency surgeons may work in rotational shifts from 7pm to 2am and 2am to 7am in the morning. Make sure you inquire before you take an appointment before you visit the dental clinic.